About me Personally:

Born:June 23, 1965. Connecticut. U.S.A.

Marrital Status: Single, (Officially as of summer 2007!)

Weight Stats: 5ft5, 170 lbs Offseason, 140 Lbs Competition

Bodyfat Stats: 10-9 percent bodyfat Offseason, 3-5 percent bodyfat Competition. I stay in excellent shape all year round. Im alsways ready for any photoshoot, guest appearance, TV show, or business at any time!

Training: Since 1987, See the Following pics of me, Before and After Bodybuilding...

Education: BFA (School of Fine Arts, Graphics and Advertising) Cum Laude from The University of Connecticut, Storrs Connecticut(UCONN). Played Trumpet in the University School of Music, Music performance minor.

Occupations: Tattooist (custom and cosmetic) see me on mt Tattoo Shop website at... www.12tattoos.com Im at the Groton, CT shop. Graphic Designer, NPC Bodybuilder and Personal Trainer.

Goals: My Tattooing has grew tremendously, I book up weeks at a time now, Id like to take that so much further. Maintain my body and mind as I age, always stay top notch and sharp. To maybe someday eventually Compete as an IFBB Pro Bodybuilding Contestant. Just once Id like to just stand on that stage and experience it! Promote Health and Fitness, to Represent the sport of Female Bodybuilding in a positive way...show everyone that we can be physically powerful and maintain our sexy feminine qualities, as well as being sharp mentally and smart. Its the entire package...strength, intelligence, creative, sexy, artistic and amazing all rolled up in one!

Hobbies: Strength Competitions, Traveling, Art. Music- I love lots of music. working with my house, interior and exterior. Creating and building things. Riding my Harley.

Recent Bodybuilding Titles:

  • NPC June 23,2007 Jan Tana Classic, King Kamali, New York- First Place Heavyweight Division, Overall Winner of Show both Open and Masters Classes. See my Photo Gallery section in this site for all the pictures.

Body parts love to train: Legs and Quads is tops! Biceps follows a close second.

Body part hate to train: Traps, Boorriinngg!,"yuck!"

Weights and Heaviest Poundages Lifted:

  • Flat Barbell Bench Pressed: 365 lb. in powerlifting competition. 405 just training. 315 for 10 reps. 185 for 32 reps at strength extravaganza.
  • 2 arm Barbell curled: 185 lb. barbell curled 2 times. 115 for 52 reps at strength extravaganza. All available on video with Womens Physique World.
  • 2 Leg Machine Plate Loaded leg Press: 1200 lb.leg press. Available on video with Womens Physique World.
  • 2 Leg Standing freeweight Barbell Squats: 225 lb. for 64 reps at strength extravaganza. Available on video with Womens Physique World. 405 for 3 reps training.
  • 1 arm Dumbbell curled: 60 lbs. for sets of 8 reps.
  • 1 arm Dumbbell row: 160 lbs. for sets of 8-10 reps.
  • Triceps dips: heavy sets low reps bodyweight + 120 lbs. high reps with just bodyweight was 80 reps, at strength extravaganza on video with Womens Physique World.
  • Barbell Overhead 2 handed Shoulder Military Press: 315 lbs. Available on video with Impulse Productions.

What I dislike in people: A fake person, complainers and whiners. People who make excuses or those that are quick to judge before getting the facts. People who dislike someone before they get to know the person inside!! DONT judge a book by its cover! Quitters, Excuse makers.

What I like in people: Hard workers, risk takers, creative or unique people, people who stand by your side, intelligence, sensitivity, strength, acheivers, non quitter, open to anything.

Self Description: I am a Strong, relentless, a survivor- I do what I need to do to overcome any mental and physical challenge. I adapt, grow and change. Powerful and still sensitive and creative. I train so intense that not many would want to train with me. Im a little bit of a perfectionist, some OCD. Im extreme for sure!

The Hardest thing I had to Overcome, Injury: I had 5 Hernias Repaired, one bad enough that it also repairing my Upper abdominals...I had them visually fixed by my cosmetic surgeon so I as able to compete again, and have them look ok! 2 of the hernial were umbilical. The other hernias were upper and lower. Ther one required the most work, because the 5th hernial was to re-fix the 4th I had previously in that spot. I was able to get by all that, then...I had an injury at the gym in winter 2006, I ended up having a couple surgeries to repair the damage. It had been going for quite sometime. I am actually a small structured and jointed person. The weight I had trained with eventually caught up with me after 20 years of bodybuilding. Winter 2006, and Spring 2007... I ended up having major surgeries...my left shoulder labrum and rotator cuffs reconstructive work. My right one was worse. I actually tore my shoulder apart and my bicep OFF my arm. The Long head tendon that attached at the top and ran the other end of attachment under the clival. Where the detachment had occured the tendon was so badly freyed, that there wasnt much left. They took the tiny bit and reattached by replacing the new attached area lower, via through my upper arm bone. I had to have the full bicep reattachment pweformed. The right shoulder fully reworked and fully reconstructed. It was Open as well as Orthioscopy, Subachromial Decompression, Debritment, Labrum and Rotator Cuffs, reattach Promixmal Biceps...I am pretty much all put back together in that area.

I was told Id never even move my arm again the same way, or it couldnt be fixed...from MANY Orthopaedic surgeons, from Boston to Yale! I was so stunned no-one could help....Until I found My Doctor! Dr. David Cohen, M.D. is my Doctor. He is at the Connecticut Orthopaedic Specialists Group. The website is at...www.CT-ORTHO.COM....check Dr. David Cohen out! Hes amazing and specializes in this injury. He is in Hamden, Connecticut. He was able to do it, The surgery took about 4 hrs and recovery after that was many hard months. I was now on a mission, I had to have my arm imobile for 3 months! After that was rehab and learning how to use my arm again. All I could do was hold a cellphone or keys and pick up light objects and start all over again. It was brutal! I started curling 2 pould dumbells 3 months later! Wow, I far cry from the 60 pounders I curled prior to my injury. I stuck with it...every day, day in and day out. I still went to the gym daily and trained everything I possibly could and worked on rehab EVERY day! I eventually about 16 months later...on June 23, 2007, stood onstage and Won the entire 2007 NPC Jan Tana, King Kamali Bodybuilding Competition in New York...Never say I cant, and NEVER quit...thats what made me compete again! Check out the following pics, just days after surgery.

What is most important in a relationship: Honesty and commitment as well as self confidence and trust.

Favorite saying: "Bigger, Better, Faster...MORE is Better!" Ha!

Favorite Diet Foods: Grilled Chicken or Steak and Rice and Potatoes

Favorite Binge Food: Pizza, pasta dish, chocolate. A great huge meal out!

Favorite Mottos: Give 100 percent of yourself and you can achieve or overcome anything! NEVER give in or quit!

Favorite Moment in Competition: Won the entire 2007 NPC Jan Tana, King Kamali Bodybuilding Competition in New York, On June 23, 2007...my birthday! It was such an event for me after I was previously been told Id never train or compete again after such bad injuries.

Dislike about Competition: It isnt really so much the diet or training, what I really hate...is that tanning junk, the Protan stuff we put on ourselves. Man! Its messy, stinks, gets everywhere and stains everything! Terrible stuff!

Favorite Smells: The Ocean Breeze, Fall Leaves. Night air in the summer. Cut grass in the summer.

Favorite Swear Word: Id have to say, F**K I would guess, Ha!

Favorite Smell: The Ocean Breeze, Fall Leaves. Night air in the summer.

Pets I have: 5 parrots, all Conures.

Car Drive: I love my Honda Accord Sports Coupe! Loaded to the max!

Motorcycle: I have a 2000 Harley Davidson Dyna Wide Glide. All tricked out!

Favorite Music: Hardcore rock metal and alternative. I also enjoy classical and jazz too! Im just not a big fan of country, rap or pop that much.

Favorite Movies: I like complicated espionage type movies! I like comedy too.

Favorite TV: I like good movies, I like to watch the docummentary stuff, like Discovery, History an all that. I rarely watch TV though, not enough time most the time. I LOVE to watch Sunday NFL Football when I can as well as Golf too...it relaxes me, I enjoy it.

Favorite Colors: Blue is awesome, I like Black too.

Favorite Season: Summer! It Rocks!

Worst Season: Winter. Too Dark and cold for me.

Favorite Time of Day: Morning. Im not a Nighttime person, I get up so early to start my day, that by later evening I am beat.

Favorite Alcohol to Drink: Im a wiskey girl, I like my favorite drink...Its a Harley Davidson...its half Jack Daniels and half Yukon Jack, straight up! Im not a fancy person, nothing too fancy and sweet. As for Beer, I like my Sam Adams.

Best Bodypart: My Legs

Worst Bodypart: My Lats, I need more V taper. Its hard for me genetically.

Best Lift: at a bodyweight of 150 lbs I benched pressed 365, in powerlifting competition.

What makes me mad: Fake people and broken promises, quitters, cheaters and liers.

Who do I represent when I compete? They Gym I train at: The Montanari Brothers Golds Gym in New Haven Connecticut. Jerry Montanari works with me.

About my Personal Appearance: Why I do what I do....its for me, and ME ONLY! I dont do anything to impress anyone. If people dont like the way I look....then DONT look! What they need to do is get to know the person INSIDE! Meet me, and people see what I am like. I have tattoos, its what I do, Im a custom Tattoo artist, been so since 1999. The bodybuilding was for me too! I like it, it keeps me young and inshape...especially at my age now! Ive never tried to look natural. Its not me. I want to look like Dawn...no one else. I like myself to have the cartoonish, muscle large busted look...Its for me and me only. Yes, I am extreme...its who I am. Its NOT ONLY a look...how about the person INSIDE.

We are all different! We do not want to all be clones. I do not ever critisize people who do not want to exersize...that is their decision, I actually speak highly of people who have the balls to do what THEY want to do in life, and not be a follower! Take a chance, be yourself!! If people must feel that they really need to critisze another human being for their appearance or decisions...then I really suggest that the criticising person take a real hard, long look at themselves...are they that perfect looking human being? Before they are so quick on the draw to judge that exterior, plese take that moment to find out what is inside. You might find the person they critisize actually is intelligent, warm, friendly and honest and real!

Yes, people are totally entitled to their own opinions, but to force them on anyone else, or try to rate people on what they think is acceptable is wrong. If you live your whole life, worrying about what the heck you will be doing, or looking like or concerned about what others think...who you living for!? I like the way I look. I am happy with my life, my goals, achievements and all I put into it. I am intelligent. I am creative and Intense...so I am extreme...I may not be for everyone. If people dont like certain looks...they need to move on and relate to only those thay like. Dont be so quick to cast

Feminine, attractive, pretty etc...is all based on the eyes of the beholder, ones opinion might not be the same as the other. Whatever suits them is fine. It is all in taste and opinion of that individual. There is no real answer for this, it is an on-going debate. I like the way I am, the way I look...it makes ME feel wonderful! Thats ALL that counts. Im not here to Impress anyone in my life.

Work Availability: I am available for Business, Guest appearances and Posings, special events, Personal Training and appointments, magazine and videowork, Promotions, modeling, etc.

VIEW MY PHOTO PORTFOLIO: Check out my On Line Photo Portfolio Gallery. You can see it right here on my site, go to... Photo Portfolio Gallery

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